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  • Sewer Project Update

    Sewer Project Update 27 September 2022 Residents, As you may be aware, our long-awaited sewer project is about to begin. We appreciate your patience during this project, as it will be disruptive. During the project, there will be street closures only allowing local traffic. The work will generally be in the street right of way and include sewer line and manhole replacements, and relining existing sewers in place. We will also be replacing storm catch basins and piping at many of the intersections and updating the pump stations. Individual sewer lines from homes will be replaced from the sidewalk to the new sewer main only (maintenance of your sewer from the house to the sidewalk is the homeowner’s responsibility). Any planned temporary disruption in water or sewer service will be coordinated with individual homeowners. The schedule of work is tentatively as follows Fall/Early Winter 2022: St. Lawrence Avenue from Pine Street to Beech Street Work to start at intersection of St. Lawrence and Pine, and progress westward Main Street from St. Lawrence Avenue to Route 37 Work to start at St. Lawrence Ave and progress south to Rt. 37 Work at Sewer Plant 2023: Work on Fenton Street, Maple Street, Ogden Ave, Beech Street, Franklin Road, LaGrasse Street, Work at Plant, and new outfall to River will take place next year. We will provide updates as the project progresses. The General Contractor for the sewer work is Perras Excavation from Massena, and the contractor for the pump station and sewer plant work is Continental Construction from Gouverneur. Once again, thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to Contact Chris Reagan at 315.276.8155 contact me directly at 315.244.5233. Mike Zagrobelny, Mayor

  • Village Office Closed Monday September 26

    The village office will be closed on Monday, September 26, 2022. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will be open for the rest of the week after 8 am.

  • All Invited: Groundbreaking for the REDI Project

    The public is invited to the Groundbreaking for the REDI Sewer Project. September 28, 2022 1 pm Island View Park

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  • | Waddington Village

    Once approved you will be able to add photos and set up profile. Sign Up I am Village Resident Area Resident Visitor I agree to the privacy policy View terms of use I agree to the terms & conditions View terms of use I want to receive updates by email Sign up Already a member? Log In If an error occurs when filling a form, a message will show here.

  • Village of Waddington, New York

    WELCOME TO WADDINGTON VILLAGE museum pavillion Island View Park museum 1/7 The Village of Waddington is located in Northern New York. The village is a beautiful community along the picturesque St. Lawrence River. Along the Canadian border, the village offers charming historic views and excellent activities for all ages. News & Updates Calendar 2 days ago Village office closed Monday Monday July 25, 2023. The Village office will be closed. Open on Tuesday Jun 30 Upcoming Events July Village Board Meeting VILLAGE OF WADDINGTON 48B MAPLE STREET WADDINGTON, N.Y. 13694 Mayor Michael Zagrobelny (315) 388-5534 Village Clerk Pamela... May 5 Upcoming Events Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Monday The Village of Waddington’s Zoning Board of Appeals will reconvene on Monday, May 9, 2022, @ 10 AM in the Municipal Building to further...

  • DEPARTMENTS | Waddington Village | New York

    DEPARTMENTS Mayor of Waddington Village Office Waddington Fire Department Code Enforcement Officer Planning Board Dock Master Trustees Department of Public Works Zoning Board of Appeals Assessor Joint Recreation Board Animal Control Mayor About Michael Zagrobelny 315-244-5233 ​ Trustees Benny Fairchild: Deputy Mayor 315-323-5032 James Thew ​ 315-528-7559 Richard Hough ​ 315-323-7656 ​ Olivia Martin ​ 315-323-4138 ​ About The legislative body of a village, the board of trustees, is comprised of the mayor and four trustees. The board may increase or decrease the number of trustees, subject to a mandatory referendum. The general powers of the board of trustees are set forth in Village Law 4-412, which provides that: "In addition to any powers conferred upon villages, the board of trustees shall have management of the village property and finances, may take all measures and do all acts, by local law, not inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution, and not inconsistent with a general law except as authorized by the municipal home rule law, which shall be deemed expedient or desirable for the good government of the village, it's management and business, the protection of it's property, the safety, health, comfort, and general welfare of it's inhabitants, the protection of their property, the preservation of peace and good order, the suppression of vice, the benefit of trade, and the preservation and protection of public works. The board of trustees may create or abolish by resolution offices, boards, agencies and commissions, and delegate to said offices, boards, agencies and commissions so much of it's powers, duties and functions as it shall deem necessary for effectuating or administering the board of trustees duties and functions. Forms Village Office Village Clerk Pam Dalton Village Deputy Clerk ​ Amber Ormsbee 46B Maple St. Waddington, N.Y. 13694 Phone: 315-388-5534 Regular Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 1pm Summer Hours (July & August): Monday - Thursday 8am - 12pm Department of Public Works Supervisor Department of Public Works Christopher Reagan Assistant Treatment Operator Jeffrey Rupert Waste Water Treatment Plant Trainee Nathan Byrd 100 Park Lane Waddington, N.Y. 13694 Phone: 315-388-4498 Hours 6:30 AM- 3 PM Water Quality Report Waddington Volunteer Fire Department 51 Maple Street, P.O. Box 352 Waddington, N.Y. 13694 Phone: 315-388-4441 Email: Facebook Page Chief Jim Armstrong 1st Assistant Kevin Sharlow 2nd Assistant Sean McGee Treasurer Butch Rutherford Secretary Tammy Kocher Incorporated on December 22,1890, the Waddington Fire Department has been proudly protecting the residents of the Town and Village of Waddington, New York from the threat of fire, covering 58 square miles of which 6.4 square miles are waterways. Waddington is a small community of 2000 plus residents located in St. Lawrence County along the St. Lawrence River. Waddington Fire is one of 42 fire departments providing fire protection in St. Lawrence County, the largest County in the area in New York State. The Waddington Fire Department is 100% volunteer, comprised of 40 members that operates two engines, two tankers, one heavy rescue, one light rescue/brush truck and one air boat out of a single station in the Village of Waddington. Zoning Board of Appeals Chair Fred Ruddy Chuck Pierce Gerald Jock Bruce Kavan William Boak Code Enforcement Officer Buiding Permit Tony Mcmanaman 315-322-5555 The Village of Waddington Code Enforcement Officer is responsible to enforce the International Building and Fire Protection Code, the New York State Uniform Building and Fire Protection Code and local municipal building codes, as well as the provisions of other local laws pertaining to quality of life issues. Duties: Reviews, checks, and passes on plans and specifications submitted with building permit applications for compliance with building and fire protection codes, zoning ordinance and applicable laws prior to issuing permits. Inspects buildings and structures in the process of construction or repair for compliance with approved plans and specifications and all requirements of applicable ordinances or laws. Issues building permits and furnishes the prescribed certificates of occupancy and compliance. Explains the requirements of the local building codes, the local zoning ordinance, the International Building and Fire Code and other applicable laws to building contractors and to the general public. Provides for removal of illegal or unsafe conditions and secures the necessary safeguards during construction. Order unsafe conditions in existing structures to be removed and arranges for condemnation notices to owners and builders of improper or hazardous structures. Inspects existing buildings and structures to ensure their conformity with safety standards. Investigates complaints and assists in prosecuting violations of the building code and zoning ordinance. Prepares periodic reports of buildings and structures erected or altered, of permits issued, of fees collected, and estimated costs of work covered by such permits, for presentation to the Village Board of Trustees. Attends basic and continuing in-service training courses Building Permit Applications may be picked up or downloaded here and returned to the Village Clerk’s Office during regular business hours. The Code Enforcement Officer does not keep regular office hours. ​ ​ Assessor Michael Pearson 315-388-5629 The Assessor is an appointed by the Waddington Town Board for a six year term. The Assessor’s Job: The Assessor is responsible for preparing market value estimates for every property in the Town/Village of Waddington. The values, or assessments are used for determining the tax burden for each parcel. Annually the Assessor reviews permits, transfers of property, and deed to determine if a change in assessment is necessary. The Assessor is also responsible for administering exemptions to taxation. These exemptions include Senior Citizen, School Tax Relief (STAR), Agricultural, and Veterans. Planning Board Chair Michael Badlam 315-388-4374 Andy Henry 206-450-6628 Phil Spadacinni 315-388-7805 Katelyn Bernard 315-323-4813 Brian Mott 315-250-1215 Joint Recreation Board Russel Strait Sharon Brady Melinda Conger Dog Control Form Mo LaRock 315-705-1762 Dock Master More Information Steve Miller Scott Hough

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