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Village Taxes

To view your tax information click here.

Village of Waddington Taxes are mailed out by June 1st.

The Village taxes are mailed by the county and collected by the Waddington Village Office

The tax payments can be paid in two installments.  The entire bill or the 1st installment can be paid without interest on or before 07/01/2023.

 Any unpaid amounts will be subject to 5% interest for payment after 7/1/2023; 6% interest for payment in August; 7% interest for payment in September.  If using the installment option to pay your tax, the 2nd installment will include a 5% penalty. 

Disclosure:  Interest percentages and dates are subject to change.

Other Taxes:

Town/County Taxes are collected in the Town Office started in January.

School Taxes:

Collected at Madrid Waddington School

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