Island View Docks: There are 15 village docks at the end of Main St. 
They are $385 for the season, Contracts and payment are due by May 15th of every year to keep the site.
Mooring sites: There are 39 mooring sites. You are required to put in your own dock and remove it. They are $85 for the season. Contracts and payment are due by May 15th of every year to keep the site. 
Daily rentals: There are 4 short, 4 long and a horizontal dock for $10 per night. There are boxes for payment located Island View and Whitaker Park. To reserve these docks please contact the Village Office.
Please Note:
Island View Docking Season:
June 1 to September 30.
Mooring Season: 
June 1 to October 31
New Contracts are sent out in March and are to be returned by May 15th with payment to reserve your site for another season. No acceptations. Failure to renew contact and payment for the season by due date will result in the site being offered to the next on the waiting list.
Please use the form below to inquire about your status on waiting list. The Village Deputy Clerk will get back to you as soon as possible

There is a Waiting List for Mooring Sites and Village Docks.

As of December 2020:

Mooring Wait List: 36 

Village Dock Wait List: 72 

Please make sure to update your information if you are on the list and have changed phone numbers. 

Waiting list request

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